"When we agree to work on ourselves in these deeper ways we not only heal ourselves but we start to transform our families, friends, community, and begin to chip away at the deep pains of the world.”


Jackie Marino MS, L.Ac. MH

Jackie is a one of a kind healer, a medicine woman with a diverse tool kit and deep seeing intuition. She has a huge heart and an amazing amount of passion for bringing joyful connection and transformation wherever she goes.

Jackie's interest and desire to know about natural ways of healing the body started as a young girl. After watching her mother diligently study and apply principles of homeopathy, herbalism, and other natural medicines she knew that this would also be her path. At the age of 15 Jackie had decided that she would become an acupuncturist and spend her life facilitating transformational healing. 

Jackie is a licensed Acupuncturist in the state of California with a Masters Degree in Chinese Medicine and Herbalism. She specializes in 5 Element Acupuncture and Aroma Acupoint(needle-less acupuncture with Essential Oils).v

She has also completed her training as a Quantum Energetics Practitioner and is a Certified Red Tent Women’s Circle Facilitator.

 Jackie's latest training was a year long investigation of releasing trauma in families and communities in the Master Healer program. During her time in the master healer program she was deeply immersed in what comes up for each of us as we move through the seasons of the year. Seeing the multi-dimensional ways that trauma exists in our lives and ancestry. Through this process her own healing was taken to a new level, unlocking even more potential to show up for and assist others in this beautiful and freeing healing work.

 Jackie is currently practicing in Encinitas, Ca.

 A desire to build powerful and dynamic community has led Jackie to begin leading Red Tent Women’s circles every new moon as well as seasonal retreats and seminars.