Red Tent Womens Circle

These circles are held monthly so we can create a synergy and comfort with each other. I want you to have a time and community you can count on where you can get what you need emotionally and spiritually. These Red Tent gatherings are held on the New Moon, for some very sacred and beautiful reasons. 


• New Moon holds the energy of new beginnings. It has the most potent effect on supporting what we want to cultivate next on our journey. And in the company of a whole group of women that power is magnified for some extra ummph.

• New moon is also when our energy tank is at its lowest. There can be tendencies to self sabotage or feel overwhelmed. What better time than this to come together with your sisters for a boost of energy and those really important reminders to keep you in an upward spiral. 

• Red Tents were the norm for thousands of years. Women would come together during their menstrual/moon time and share wisdom among the generations on all sorts of topics. This was where we would be initiated into womanhood, shown the ropes, and most of all, got support at a woman's most vulnerable time. Priceless...and I want some of this in my life!

This is so Powerful and so Needed in our world today! 


Recent Red Tent Gatherings