Elixir #1 Entering the Temple

Key Oils: Palo Santo | Vetiver | Jasmine

Chakras: Crown/Soul Star | Root/Earth Star

Supports: Feeling ungrounded | Uncomfortable in your own skin | Mind-body disconnect | Fear and anxiety.


  • Clearing of negativity and fears so there is space to comfortably inhabit your body.

  • A feeling of safety and being at home with yourself.

  • Becoming a ready vessel for transformation and blessings.

  • Inhabiting full potency and aliveness.

Activation Ritual & Application:

Take several deep breaths. Light a candle if available and be fully present with the elixir. Shake the elixir and then roll it onto each palm, the third eye, sternum, and bottom of feet/ inside of ankles. Rub your hands together and hold them at your sternum in prayer position.

Close your eyes and breathe in the fragrance of the oil.

Set the intention to cleanse your body and energy. With each breath releasing more and more down to the earth. Repeat for at least 5 breaths or until you feel a shift.

Then bringing one finger to third eye and another finger to the center of your sternum. Breathing and calling all of yourself and your energy back into the center of your being. Calling yourself back home from all times, situations, people, past and future. Arriving fully into this moment.

For all lasting change and and miracles to occur in our lives we must first fully inhabit our bodies and be a ready vessel for transformation.

This elixir makes space for and invites all of your energy and soul essence into your physical body. Allowing you to be at your fullest potency and aliveness.

This is the first step of the journey to living from a fully activated heart and being.


Elixir #2 Clearing out the old

Key Oils: Marjoram | Lemongrass | Camomile

Chakras: Third eye | Heart

Supports: Can’t stop obsessing and worrying | Repeating all the same old habits | Feeling the weight of your life getting too heavy. | Carrying other people’s burdens as your own.


  • The protective and steady support you need to release all that baggage and mental chaos.

  • Relaxing muscle tension and patterns of resistance.

  • Calming and clearing the mind of doubts, fears, and old beliefs.
    Bringing you into clear and open presence where you are at your strongest and most creative.

  • Bringing the Divine Feminine energies of allowing, receptivity, and trusting in your power to create something new.

Activation Ritual & Application:

Call in the support of your higher self, Lord Ganesha, and the Divine Feminine.

Take a few breaths into your body and feel your resistance. Where do you feel the most bogged down and heavy? Send some love and acceptance to these parts of yourself.

Apply the Elixir around your belly button and hold with one palm. Visualize breathing the old energies out of your belly button and into the earth.

Apply the Elixir to the tops of your shoulders and take a big deep breath and exhale. Saying to yourself: “I now release all burdens, old energies, and stagnation from my mental, emotional, and physical systems.(deep breath) I no longer agree to carry this load. I free myself and allow space for the new!”(deep breath) repeat 3x.

Apply Elixir to the center of your chest and then tap with your fingertips with medium pressure on your sternum for 15-30 seconds. Deep breaths. Feeling your heart lighten and begin to shine brighter.

Relax into your body and feel the shifts that have occurred.

Thank all the helping energies for their love and continued support.


Elixir #3 Speak your Truth

Key Oils: Palmarosa | May Chang | Cardamom | Neroli

Chakras: Throat | Solar plexus

Supports: The release of past anger from having your voice suppressed. | Feelings of tightness or discomfort in throat- especially at the end of the day or after a confrontation. | Frequent illness affecting your throat. | The root causes for you not feeling heard to respected. | Guilt around speaking up for yourself or feeling selfish when putting yourself first


  • The frequency of discernment- aligning you with your true integrity.

  • Finding your inner balance and detachment from the outside world.

  • Access to your truth with full clarity.

  • Liberation and upgrade of the throat chakra.

Activation Ritual & Application:

Take a couple deep breaths and call in the energies of discernment, clarity, and your highest truth.

Roll the elixir onto your wrists (there are acu points all over your wrists that affect the throat) let your intuition guide you to the perfect spots.

Breathe in the scent of the oils and guide the breathe down into your throat. Release out of your mouth with a big sigh. Ahhhhhhhhh. Do this several times. Play around with the pitch and vibration of your voice as you exhale. Let these noises carry the stagnation and stuckness out of your throat. Liberating you and making space for pure truth to flow through.

Say, “I now release all constriction, pain, and blockage from my neck and throat chakra. I no longer agree to carry all of this stuckness in my throat.”

Visualize breathing the violet flame of purification into your throat and then releasing all that stuff on your exhale! Repeat 3 times, saying it with more conviction each time.

Now inviting a beautiful blue energy into your throat and swirl it around with your breath. Say, “I trust the answers I find in myself. I speak them with love and clarity, now!” Repeat 3 times.

Take a moment to feel all of this.

Thank yourself and all the helping guides for this healing.

*It is normal when doing this type of clearing to begin coughing or have emotions come up- sadness, anger, or even joy!


Elixir #4 Sacred Remembering

Key Oils: Jasmine Sambac | Frankincense | Black Spruce

Chakras: Crown Sacral | Earth Star

Supports: Feeling lost and disconnected. | Lacking vision and clarity of your purpose. | Depression and hopelessness. | Isolating and self sabotaging.


  • Your unique magic and potential.

  • The healthy frequency of energy in your spine.

  • Your connection to your Legacy of Light from your soul and blood ancestors.

  • Deep connection with your purpose in this life.

Activation Ritual & Application:

Take several deep breaths and come into this moment. Inviting yourself into your heart.

Call in the supporting energy of the original woman, Lilith. She has magic and wisdom to share with you. Infusing you with purpose and a desire to fully live! Also call on your higher self and all ancestors that wish to assist you in pure unconditional love and for the good of all.

Roll the elixir onto your pointer fingers. Breathe in the magic of these oils.

Hold at the top of your spine (at the base of your head) with one hand and at the tip of the tailbone with the other hand. Breathing very slowly and with great focus. Visualizing a silver thread of light coming from your tailbone and up your spine to your head. Swirl the silver light in your head and then send it back down your spine. You are opening the energy pathways of the spine and creating space to be filled with wisdom and support. After doing this at least 10 times you can completely relax your breath and bring your hands to your lap.  

Spend some time allowing yourself to sit in this magical energy and receive the wisdom of your ancestors flowing to you.


Elixir #5 Personal power activation

Key Oils: Palmarosa | Nerolina | Spike lavender

Chakras: Solar plexus | Heart

Supports: Addressing and facing our energies of being a scapegoat, feeling under attack, and victimhood. | Old shame stories are keeping your personal sun from shining full strength. | Feeling defeated and lacking motivation to put yourself out there.


  • Turning back on your gut instinct and intuitive knowings.

  • Reconnecting your wiring between the heart and solar plexus- for full self-trusting, core powered authenticity that flows effortlessly into the world.

  • Feelings of deep contentment and steadiness into your body.

Activation Ritual & Application:

Take some deep breaths into your abdomen. Notice how easy or hard it is to being breath down into your belly and relax into it expanding outward.

Notice if there are any feelings or sensations rolling around in there.

Now apply your elixir by rolling it directly onto your belly starting at the belly button and making bigger and bigger circles outwards in a big spiral.

With some medium pressure rub in the oils in a counterclockwise circle to unwind any toxic emotions or blocking energies. Do this at least 3 times. Then rub clockwise circles into your belly to establish a healthy flow of power, magnetism, and self esteem into your body.

End with lightly holding your hands on your belly and imagine your personal sun shining brightly and uninhibited out into the world.

Feeling yourself connected with the earth and with your higher self. Fully supported and at ease.


Elixir #6 Sacred Love

Key Oils: Rosewood | Neroli | Jasmine | Vetiver

Chakras: Heart | Sacral

Supports: Old barriers around heart from past relationship damage. Underlying hopelessness or self sabotage around love. Heart and mind disconnect. Desiring a deeper and more profound experience of love.


  • Disassembling Heart armoring in a gentle and honoring way.

  • Connecting you into the deeper chambers of your heart space.

  • Creating a stronger vortex of love to attract what your triply desire.

  • Big expansion from a grounded and supported love container.

Activation Ritual & Application:

Become present with the beating of your heart. Letting your breath slowly fill your chest and then slowly releasing the breath out of your mouth.

Take your elixir and roll it onto the inside of your elbow creases. Then cross your arms so your hands can hold the opposite elbows. You are holding very potent heart points that open the flow of love.

Apply the Elixir to your chest and with the fingertips of one hand slowly make some gentle circles over your heart. Inviting the purest essence of love and emerge from your heart and come up to the surface.

Open your arms and hands in a gesture of receiving and feel the way life is ready to pour into you and bring you all that you desire.


Elixir #7 I’m ready for a miracle

Key Oils: Roman Chamomile | Rose, | Coriander

Chakras: Crown | Third eye | Heart

Supports: The clearing of chaos in the mind. Being pulled in too many directions. Lack of soul input in life direction and decisions. Feeling stifled and stuck/ mental block. Knowing you are off track and ready for redirection.


  • Calling in universal support through the crown and into the heart.

  • Creating space for the inspiration and insight needed to make miracles.

  • Brings you into a peace and stillness that allows you to access your soul’s desire for your next moves.

  • Remembering anything is possible.

Activation Ritual & Application:

Apply elixir to wrists and forefingers.

Hold hands in prayer position with thumbs hooked under the eye brows by the nose. Hands pointing out in a 45 degree angle. Breathing in the smells of the oils and allowing the mind to melt and clear. Visualize connecting with the heart of the universe. Tapping into the great potential of all that Is.

Bring to mind the things you most desire in your life or the feelings that you desire to be infused with.

Call down that energy from the heart of the universe to pour down through your head and into the heart, activating the potential for Miracles. Like golden light filling you and activating your entire being. Breathe and receive this for as long as feels good.

Bring your hands down to chest in prayer and say thank you, thank you, thank you.

Elixir #8 Joyful Alchemy

Key Oils: Magnolia | Hemlock Spruce | Spike Lavender | Jasmine

Chakras: Root | Heart | Throat

Supports: Disconnection from your true powers and gifts. Thinking practically without enough expansive dreaming. Questioning your purpose in this life. Stuck in the safety of the known.


  • Your soul truths and unique abilities.

  • Bold expansion and divine generosity.

  • Courageous Open Heart.

  • Life changing perspectives and understanding.

Activation Ritual & Application:

Roll elixir on to your hands and take a nice big breath of these oils into your being. Welcoming in the big bold energy of Jupiter, the planet of expansion, abundance, and joy!

Rub your hands together vigorously!

With your fingertips begin tapping with medium pressure all over your head. Around the ears, on the forehead, your jaw and chin. Waking up your consciousness. Move down to tapping on your shoulders with arms crossed. Joyfully tap on your chest and over the heart. Down onto the ribs and belly. Take your time on each part. Now make loose fists and tap on your low back and kidneys. Tap as far up the mid back as you can reach. Coming back up and use your loose fits to tap on your arms.

Now down to your thighs, hamstrings, IT band, and butt. You can feel into how much pressure these areas want. Taping down through your calves and shins. Ankles and feet. Return to standing and feel the buzzing and aliveness throughout your being.

Throw your hands up into the air and say Yes, Yes, Yes!


Elixir #9 Pure Heart

Key Oils: Spike lavender | Nerolina | Rose

Chakras: Heart and Soul Star

Supports: Liberation from personal ego suffering Lingering feelings of being separate. Longing to merge with the divine


  • Your soul truths and unique abilities.

  • Bold expansion and divine generosity.

  • Courageous Open Heart.

  • Life changing perspectives and understanding.

Activation Ritual & Application:

Ability to see the potential of love and healing in every heart break, disaster, or trauma. Offering pure love essence to all you encounter.


Apply elixir to your palms and place one hand over your heart and one over lower belly. Alternate taking deep breaths in the heart and belly. Call in the sweet embracing love of Quan Yin and allow her to bring you into the energy of pure unconditional love.

Bring your hands into prayer at your heart and as you breathe in the smell of the oils repeat to yourself: I am Allowing, I am Receiving, I am Becoming One with all that is.

Continue until you feel complete.