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Red Tent | Aquarius New Moon


Red Tent - Aquarius.png

Have you been feeling the upgrades? Almost everyone in my world has been telling me about the interesting ways that life is changing or about to shift. Some of these ways are big and in our face and others are a more subtle knowing that is brewing under the surface.

What I know for sure is that the energy of upgrade and expansion is available and asking us if we are willing to open and play. Can you be still enough to hear the call and relaxed enough to receive?

Personally I have been on teeter-totter back and forth between fully trusting the new life that is asking me to step in and  the feeling of fear, hesitation, and gripping that makes me want to run back to what’s comfortable. The truth for me is that the old way is already dissolved, so there’s no going back. And if you are wanting to run back to an old way of doing things that still seems available...there will probably be some fall out to that decision that won’t feel too good.

Energies we will work with at the Red Tent:

The Emperor: Take Charge with Authority! Speak your mind in a fiercely loving way...this includes how you talk to yourself and how you put your foot down about those old habits it’s time to let go of. YOu have the potential to move upwards in life- will you step up to the plate?

Sun: Enjoy Success and Happiness: Doors are opening for you! (do you see a theme?) Connect with the motivation and fire within yourself and take the inspired actions you are feeling! This takes bravery and full awareness of the way that fear might keep you from these new opportunities.

Seer: See Beyond the Current Situation This is about looking at your intentions and how they are creating your future. Are you taking the time to fine tune your visions? To be super duper clear on your intentions and the necessary steps to make it happen? Call in your guides, helpers, and ancestors to assist you in creating a vision that not only serves you but also the collective.

I look forward to having you in our Red Tent circle of healing, manifestation, and expansion. Bring all your fears, hesitations, and worries so we can release them and open you up to all that’s coming!