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Energetic Hygiene Red Tent

Energy Clear Out!


I want to support you in doing an energetic inventory of your month...looking at all the places where you have lingering stress, resentments, energy cords with other people, and where you have cracks in your energy body…slowing leaking out precious life force. We often leave this all unchecked for way too long and its not until we are totally suffering or parts of our life are falling apart that we do something about it. 

Each month I will teach about different parts of us that can get hijacked and how to do some in-depth clean out! This month we will be talking about the spine! Im really excited to share with you about the different energies of the vertebras and why they are magnets for certain cords of energy. And i’m sure you can imagine how much better you would feel if we cleaned up your spine and invigorated your nervous system.

I want you to ask your self a couple things….

What if at least once a month I did a deep clean out of my energy and checked in with all the ways you I am tangled up with people, circumstances, and my future? 

I wonder what that would transform in my life… 

What would that make space for?  

What would it be like feel free and light again? 

These online women's circles will be happening every quarter moon before the new moon...getting us ready for the next new cycle.  This time of the month is where the energy dips the lowest and we can tend to dip into our bad habits, numbing out, and realllly put ourselves last when we should be taking even more loving self care. This gathering is a beautiful opportunity to see clearly our patterns and be led through guided energy body and mental body clearing!

This Circle is for all of us who:

  • Take care of a lot of people- Healers, Moms, Business Owners, Community Leaders, All of us here on this earth to serve. 

  • Have the intention to cut our cords...but don't give it the attention it needs

  • Tend to over-give and put ourselves last

  • Constantly worrying about other peoples wellbeing

  • Are extra sensitive to others emotions

  • Tend of feel overwhelmed or exhausted

  • Feel controlled by anxiety

  • Have lower energy than you think you should

  • Tend to get depressed or extra emotional before the new moon or your period...or both! 

    • BTW....One of the big reasons this happens is that we get all entangled with other peoples stuff and it’s too much to process. So your PMS is not just your emotions its a whole bunch of other peoples emotions that your body is trying to purge!

During our time together we will:

  • Talk about energetic hygiene and how it can transform your life.

  • Group share- bring to the surface what needs attention. 

  • I will lead your through a guided meditation experience to release and untangle from all the baggage from the month. Highlighting a specific part of our bodies each month.

  • And you will learn an energy maintenance tool to use for the month so you can keep on top of your energetic entanglements.

When we gather the next month we can check on our progress and get support for growing our energetic hygiene practices.  Bring all of your messiness, love, and desires. We want to create space in your life to fully feel, release, and thennnnn have the clarity to know what you really want to be happening in your life.

Cant wait to be with you all in this transformation space!