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Entering the Heart


12 weeks- 3 phases of transformation

Weekly gatherings in Jackie’s healing space in  Encinitas



July 2nd- September 17th

Full Payment: $528

3 payments of $200

*Other payments and Scholarships available by request

This is an invitation to bring steadiness to your inner fire. To cultivate a deep trust in your inner knowing and access the ability to Act and Speak from the pure wisdom and ease of your Heart.

Summer is the season of the Heart and a time where the transformation energy of fire is most alive and accessible. It’s a time to ask yourself what it’s going to take to support you in thriving. What needs to be released to make space. Which parts of you need to be focused on, healed, and upgraded?

We will explore some incredible themes of Fire:

  • Intimacy

  • Awareness of the moment

  • Relationship Connection and Dynamics

  • Alchemy of a steady heart flame

  • Consuming-Destryoying-Renewing

  • Playful Nourishment

If you are desiring a shift in any of your relationships...romantic/business/children/friends/self/higher-self/god/your purpose, this is the time of year to throw the challenges into the fire and see what is revealed and possibly reborn.

It is also the time to clearly shine the light on the parts of yourself that are sabotaging your development. Do you have a fear lingering in the back of your mind that you aren’t smart enough, talented enough or ready for what your heart is asking of you? That you have to work hard to deserve love? That you will be rejected or abandoned because of the flaws or truths that you hide?

We all hold some form of story that holds us back from that next leveling up. Whether we are desiring to just come into a state of feeling balanced or taking a big leap into shining really bright, we have to address this background noise that doesn’t serve us.

It can’t be difficult to work through those beliefs on your own. When we come together in circle we can use the group energy to quickly and effectively shift all of those old patterns. Also some of the really sneaky beliefs that are in your blind spot will often be brought to your attention by another woman’s experience. We quickly bust through so much old energetic baggage when we come together. We then have some space to shift into new belief systems and dream of new possibilities!

This circle is designed to support and activate all of your being. We will be addressing and working with your physical body, emotional body, heart field, higher self, and the conscious and unconscious mind. This type of full Self collaboration is essential for us to create an environment for your heart to come online and lead you through life as it was designed to.

I was given a beautiful template of how to unfold this process. First we’re going to support the body in feeling safe and willing to transform. Then we’re going to investigate what’s happening in our hearts. And from there we’re going to let the heart flow out through your body and voice and into the world.

Here’s the breakdown:

1. Coming home to yourself (weeks 1-4)

  • Landing in your body and growing your roots. Becoming comfortable with living from an embodied and fully aware state of being.

  • Accessing the energy of nourishment (divine mother). Learning to allow support.

  • Unwinding the nervous system and Identifying fears and blockages to your heart flow.

  • Feeling safety in the unknown mystery

2. Entering the chambers of the heart. (Weeks 5-8)

  • Discovering hidden or sleeping parts of yourself “the gems”.

  • Dissolving outdated boundaries that have been keeping love from going out to the world or coming in.

  • Creating softness where we have hardened.

  • Discovering pathways for ease and joy.  

  • Beginning to know more dimensions of ourselves.

3. Speaking the wisdom of the heart. (Weeks 9-12)

  • Practicing our ability to hear and decipher what the heart has been trying to share with you and be shared through you.

  • Balancing mind and heart. Practicing communication that comes primarily from the heart.

  • Unlocking the way you interact with the people in your world and allow others to share more of their truth with you.

  • Living a life led and clearly directed by an activated heart.

The tools we will be using for healing and discovery:  

  • Teachings about the energetics of the heart and the element of fire.

  • I will be sharing with you some self discovery meditations and lead you through drumming journeys that will take you beyond the mind and into your deeper realms.

  • We will explore transformation rituals and utilize the heart activation essential oil elixirs.

  • Breathing practices and spinal unwinding movements to decompress and relax your overworked nervous system. This will give you access to locked up energy that we can use for transformation work.

  • Play with communication tools and investigative/intuitive partner work to help you explore what’s possible in a safe space.

  • And of course we will be engaging in group sharing/healing where we will all be activated by the realizations and breakthroughs of each woman there.

In every women’s circle that I’ve been a part of, either long term or just a one time meeting, there is an indescribable magic that group of women bring together. There is really no way to predict what that unique group energy will be or what it will change in us. With that in mind, My heart is inviting in a group of women that have been feeling their hearts yearning to come back to a balanced rhythm, to speak more truth and to feel relaxed in sharing their authentic self.

The most substantial and lasting healing work we ever do is when we are held in a healing space and witnessed by others. One of my greatest joys and my deep calling in life is to create opportunities and spaces for women to circle together with the intention of great healing and self discovery. If this speaks to you, I invite you to come join us on this incredible journey.

With so much love,


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